How to care for your wooden cutting board?

Keeping your cutting board clean is very important. Remember – a clean cutting board means healthy food without bacteria. It is highly important to prevent the growth of bacteria on the board and keep it in a good condition. Below we provide some cleaning tips for people who have a cutting board in their kitchen or would like to buy one. Following these steps will definitely help you to prevent the growth of bacteria and keep the board in good condition for a long time.


Hot water

Try to wash your board with hot soapy water every single day (as we assume that you use your wooden cutting board every day). However, remember not to submerge the board into hot water! This causes cracking. Take a few moments to clean the board after each cutting. This way the bacteria will not have time to grow and spread.



Avoid putting your cutting board into the dishwasher (this tip applies strictly to wooden cutting boards). High temperature and hot water causes cracks. In the end, your board will likely break in half.


Mineral oil

After washing the boards, specific oil should be rubbed onto the cutting board in order to protect the it against bacteria. This also extends the life of the board. We highly recommend mineral oils. Remember to dry the board completely before using oil. Use a paper napkin to rub oil into the wood. This step can be done in the evening so that the board can absorb as much oil as possible overnight. In the morning, clean the board by removing any excess oil from the board's surface and put it in its rightful place.



The best material for a cutting board is wood. Without any doubt, this is the healthiest and most eco-friendly material. However, you should remember a few basic rules that will help you keep the board in good condition for a long time – clean your board, avoid dishwashers, and oil your board regularly. If you have an engraved cutting board, your engraving will remain like new for a long time. Good luck with your cutting board!

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