Glass, plastic or wooden cutting boards?

While you may be considering purchasing a new cutting board for your kitchen, you may wonder what material is best, the most common types of cutting boards being plastic, glass, or wooden. This is the first question you ask yourself and it is a quite important one. After you choose a type of cutting board, you can consider different sizes, thicknesses, and possible engravings.

Let's focus on material as it is very important to choose the correct one. Each type has its pros and cons.


plastic cutting board

Plastic cutting boards, in general, seem to be easy to clean and sanitize. However, while cutting on them you leave grooves with bacteria. Moreover, plastic is not very eco-friendly. Some people do not pay attention to it. We do. Ask yourself what materials you would like to have in your home and your kitchen. Mostly wood, right? I bet plastic is not one of them. Plastic is associated with destruction of our planet. In addition, small pieces of plastic, while cutting, go to the meal and later, with it, go into our bodies. Some types of plastic, especially those from unknown sources, may be carcinogenic.




glass cutting board

Another material you may be considering is glass. This material is typically associated with a modern look and can look very nice in a kitchen. In addition, glass can be easily cleaned and is dishwasher safe. However, the hard surface of a glass board dulls even the sharpest knives. Cutting on glass also causes a terrible noise that isn’t pleasant to the ears. Lastly, you run the risk of shattering your board if you drop it. Taking these factors into consideration, we do not recommend purchasing glass cutting boards.





wooden cutting board

Wood is a beautiful and nature material that will look good in any kitchen. Even though wood cutting boards tend to be heavier, require more maintenance, and can be more expensive than other types of material, they are the best option for a kitchen. Wood is eco-friendly, unlike plastic, and has a natural self-healing capability. This means that most knife scores will naturally close due to the contracting and expanding of the wood. In addition, wood is naturally antiseptic, which helps to aid in the cleaning process to get rid of bacteria. Because of its pliability and mix of durability and softness, wood is safe for knives and will not dull them. This quality also causes cutting to be pleasant to the ears, unlike with glass cutting boards. Lastly, wood cutting boards will last you the longest, making your initial (probably a little more expensive) purchase well worth it.

An additional plus to wood cutting boards is that they can be engraved. This does not take away from their purpose. Rather, it adds a personalized element. Engraved cutting boards can be great gifts for anyone who enjoys cooking and can simultaneously be a nice decoration for a kitchen.

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